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Outfit: Parisian Memories

Friday, August 30, 2013
{Forever 21 jacket, H&M dress, Topshop flats, Forever 21 belt, unknown bag}

Do you have clothes that remind you of a time or place? Since I have bought so many of my clothes either on vacation or during a special occasion some of them, like the dress, bring back memories every time I wear them. I bought this dress from H&M a few years ago in Paris and since then both the parisian feel of the dress and the memory of wearing it on the Eiffel Tower make me feel like I'm back in Paris. Of course throwing a denim jacket over the dress adds the perfect American touch. 

On another note one of the hardest things about being in New York so far is dealing with the humidity. While the weather isn't really much different than Boston it is definitely more humid, and my hair has not been appreciating it. What do you all use in your hair to keep the humidity frizz away?

~ Caroline


  1. Hehe somehow looking at your dress I got that parisian vibe as well! I guess it's the stripes, they look always so "french" :D And gosh, my hair does that too! I still haven't figured out what to do with them 0.o Maybe we can find out soon, gotta hate hair doing it's own things :D

    Much love from Epp,


  2. You look great! See if you can find a product called Oro's fantastic and helps keep the frizz away!


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