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Happy Labor Day weekend! It is finally starting to hit me that summer is over after this weekend and that soon I'll be spending most of my time curled over a text book and writing essays on my computer. I've had an incredible week at school getting to know people and just being in the city. There are a million different things that I want to do and I'm trying to get as much in before classes start on Tuesday. 

I'll definitely be spending time outside checking out the many parks I've seen to soak up some of the last rays of summer. The best part of this long weekend will be a harbor cruise Sunday night where I'll be playing tourist and seeing the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, and all the lights of Manhattan. How are you all spending your long weekend?

~ Caroline

Happy Weekend!

{via my tumblr } Happy Labor Day weekend! It is finally starting to hit me that summer is over after this weekend and that soon I...
Saturday, August 31, 2013
{Forever 21 jacket, H&M dress, Topshop flats, Forever 21 belt, unknown bag}

Do you have clothes that remind you of a time or place? Since I have bought so many of my clothes either on vacation or during a special occasion some of them, like the dress, bring back memories every time I wear them. I bought this dress from H&M a few years ago in Paris and since then both the parisian feel of the dress and the memory of wearing it on the Eiffel Tower make me feel like I'm back in Paris. Of course throwing a denim jacket over the dress adds the perfect American touch. 

On another note one of the hardest things about being in New York so far is dealing with the humidity. While the weather isn't really much different than Boston it is definitely more humid, and my hair has not been appreciating it. What do you all use in your hair to keep the humidity frizz away?

~ Caroline

Outfit: Parisian Memories

Friday, August 30, 2013

I'm really really really bad at waiting to wear my fall clothes until it actually cools down and after recent purchases I've been trying to think of the best ways to wear my fall pieces now! Luckily, tumblr was there to assist me! The pictures above show a few great ways to wear fall pieces when the weather is still steaming. Throwing on a sweater/sweatshirt with a pair of shorts instantly makes it summer appropriate. Wearing your leather pieces with lighter tees and casual tops will make a great look. If you are like me and want to wear your army jacket now try throwing it on with a bright dress or skirt!

 ~ Caroline

Inspiration: Wear it Now

Thursday, August 29, 2013

A reoccurring trend through many of the the Fall 2013 shows was an equestrian vibe with cozy sweater, heavy jackets, and warm earthy colors. My favorite ways to wear this trend are by finding warm pullover sweaters that you can layer jackets and blazers with. I'm a huge fan of the Topshop ankle boots but I'm also considering looking for a pair of over the knee boots similar to the Phillip Lim picture! Earthy greens and warm tans should definitely be filling up your closets this fall! 

~ Caroline

Fall 2013 Trend: Cozy Equestrian

Tuesday, August 27, 2013
{picture via my tumblr}

Happy Friday everyone! I have been at school for the last four days and I'm having an incredible time and I can't wait for orientation and classes to start. I have been doing a community service program that has kept me very busy from seven am to eleven pm but the exhaustion really hasn't hit. We've been doing incredible projects during the day and at night I've already visited a bunch of places around the city (check out my instagram for pictures. I'll have better pictures once I can bring my real camera!).

 I already know I'm never going to want to leave New York and it has only been a few days. The views from the Brooklyn Bridge, my school buildings, and even my dorm room are beautiful and the city is truly alive. I promise I'll have pictures and more up soon! Have a great weekend!

~ Caroline

Happy Weekend

Friday, August 23, 2013

Remember these camo print flats in last weeks post? Well I am literally in love with them. Let me just tell you, not often do I walk into Target and find something that absolutely must come home with me. Actually, that has never happened until now. When I saw these flats I knew they would be an important my favorite part of my wardrobe this fall. The fun print is surprisingly easy to pair with many colors and other patterns.

Since I bought the flats last week I have worn them multiple times and this has been one of my favorite looks with them. I love layering white but sometimes it can seem bland so adding a stripes scarf and the camo flats added a few details. So be prepared to see these flats over and over again this fall!

~ Caroline

Outfit: Camo

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

I always love monotone looks (if they are done right!) and this fall I'm especially loving an all over grey look. While white on white has been popular for a few years it seems head to toe grey is taking the stage. 

On the runway I loved Alicia + Olivia's all grey look. With all the different textures and slightly different shades of grey it was perfectly put together. However, this perfectly layered look that so many designers accomplished is much harder than it looks. Start by buying cozy textured sweaters like the one above from Topshop and then adding a jacket and a grey skirt or jeans. Also throwing on a big scarf adds warmth on chilly days (let those days come sooner!). 

~ Caroline

Fall 2013 Fashion: Head to Toe Grey

Tuesday, August 20, 2013
{Forever 21 top, American Eagle jeans, Ralph Lauren Sandals, Nordstrom watch}

Happy Monday everyone! I am finally leaving home today to head off to school. I'll be spending the night with family in Connecticut tonight and then going into the city in the morning. You can follow along with my instagram! Surprisingly everything fit into the car without a hitch. I used the fact that there was extra space in the car as justification that my wardrobe could use some expanding, though my parents didn't seem to agree. 

I wore this outfit last week for dinner with some friends before they left for school! It was ridiculously hot and humid so this loose linen top for the evening. All I could think about was cooler temperatures and cozy sweaters. Can we all agree it is time for fall?

~ Caroline

Outfit: Evening Humidity

Monday, August 19, 2013
Happy 1st Birthday to Peachy Keen!

I can't believe it has been a year since I started writing my blog, and yet so much has changed since last August. At the end of last summer I was starting my final year in high school and needed a place to express my love for fashion when the rest of my life revolved around school, work, and college applications. Since then I have gotten into the college of my dreams and graduated from high school. My little blog has grown so much and writing and taking pictures for my posts has become one of my favorite parts of every day. 

In the next few months so many new things will be happening in my life and I hope that I will continue to share them with you all. In just a few days I'll be packing up a whole lot of clothes, bedding, and other essentials into my parents' car and driving down to New York. Starting college in such a huge city is going to be an adventure, and while it will be a challenge it is one that I am ready for. I will start featuring all my new experiences on my blog and instagram as soon as I get to the city!

I'm definitely ready to meet new people and start school, but I also know it will be a hard transition for my blog. I'll be looking for someone new to take pictures of me (since right now my little sister takes them, which I love her so much for!), so there may be a lack of outfit posts in the next month. I cannot wait to share my new home and life with all of you and I hope you will keep reading Peachy Keen! Thank you to all of you for stopping by and supporting my dreams. 

~ Caroline

P.S. I finally made a Facebook page! I'd love if you stop by and like it!

Happy Birthday to Peachy Keen!

Friday, August 16, 2013

If you are a shoe addict like me then you know a girl really can never have to many pairs of shoes. Even with a tiny dorm closet on my horizon there are more than a few pairs of shoes on my wish list. My number one shoe for fall (and really any season) is a pointed flat. Whether you like loafers, ballet flats, patterned flats, or neutral colors a pointed shoe is for you. Pointed flats make every girl's legs look miles longer, which is something I greatly appreciate at only 5'4". 

The flats above are some of my favorites for this fall and they are all $50 and under! I think every girl should own leopard print flats and the pair above is the perfect pair to add to your closet. I also love the camo printed flats. I just bought them from Target and can't wait to try out the camo print trend in an easy way! Other classic flats with details of gold studs, bows, interesting cuts, or cap-toes are great options as well. 

What are your favorite fall shoes? Do you wear flats or heels more?

~ Caroline

Fall 2013 Fashion: Pointed Flats Under $50

Wednesday, August 14, 2013
{Gap jacket (similar that I love!), Topshop top (similar), Forever 21 skirt, Report flats, Buffalo Nickel necklace}

Along with my new haircut I also picked up a few new pieces from Forever 21 this weekend. Even though I wasn't supposed to buy any clothes I still went shopping this weekend and of course I found far far too many things at Forever 21 that I wanted. I swear I always try to cut myself off from F21 because I end up regretting most of my cheap purchases, but it never works. 

So of course as soon as I skipped (yes, that is how happy I was) into Forever 21 I spotted this navy and white patterned skirt and knew it needed to be mine. I am definitely a skirt addict and the newest addition to my collection will definitely be getting a lot of use this fall. I can already picture switching out the summer flats for ankle boots and the light top for a chunky white sweater. I also picked up this scarf and this adorable blouse that I cannot wait to wear!

~ Caroline

Outfit: A Few New Things

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Happy Monday everyone! After a relaxing weekend I am definitely ready to get back to being productive! Today I have the first of many Fall 2013 Fashion posts that will be posted over the next few weeks. I'll be talking about some of my favorite runway trends, fall essentials, and where you can find the right pieces at your budget! 

Sometimes interpreting Runway trends in a way that can relate to your life is impossible pretty hard. There is no way I can walk into class bearing six inches of my stomach or wearing sky high heels even if that is all I see on the runway. While I love watching runway shows sometimes you have to step back and think of the designer’s pieces as works of art instead of the exact look you should wear.

When the Runway shows leave you clueless the best thing to do is turn to your favorite magazines and trend reporters. I personally read Harpers Bazaar and Elle religiously every month, but I also check up on a bunch of websites.

To start you off here are a few of the articles I’ve been reading!

1. Wondering how to wear plaid without looking like a lumberjack? Flip through this slideshow. 
2. This slideshow is perfect if you are looking for the right on-trend pieces to buy for fall. Just be aware the examples are $$$ 
3. Looking for a brief overview of trends? This article will tell you the trends with a small explanation. Then in the next few weeks look for more in depth trend reports here!
4. Lastly, layering is a fall necessity and if you are looking for new ways to layer check out this article with pictures and advice from the BCBG FW 2013 collection.

If you are looking for any specific Fall 2013 fashion advice please comment and I will try to do a post on that topic!

~ Caroline

Fall 2013 Fashion: What to Read

Monday, August 12, 2013
{via my tumblr}

Happy Friday everyone! I have a pretty busy weekend ahead of me since it is my second to last weekend at home before I head of to school. I have a lot of packing and last minute things I need to get done over the next few days, most of which I definitely shouldn't have left until now. I'm hoping to get to spend a little time outside though since the weather is finally perfect in New England.

In other news I got my hair cut yesterday... and I hate it. You know when you ask your stylist to take 2-3 inches off and it seems like they took more like four inches off? Yeah, that is how I feel right now. The cut is definitely short (something I've done before and never liked) and not really what I wanted. However, I'm hoping that I'm just still adjusting and that in the next few days I'll feel a bit better about the cut. Have any of you ever gotten a really bad haircut? If you have any advice for fixing/helping a horrible haircut please send it my way!

I hope you all have a great weekend! Make the most of these last few summer days.

~ Caroline

p.s. I cannot get over how gorgeous that floral dress is in the picture above! So perfect for summer picnics/concerts/beach days/really any day. 

Happy Weekend

Friday, August 9, 2013
{Forever 21 jacket, Kimichi Blue dress via UO (similar), Vince Camuto heels, Forever 21 bird necklace, unknown necklace}

Last weekend I went to my cousin's baby shower and the first thing I thought about when starting to get ready was, can I wear white to a baby shower? It is such a known fact that you don't wear white to a bridal shower that I somehow had it in my head that I couldn't wear white to a baby shower. After a quick google search though I was reassured that I wouldn't be getting evil looks if I wore this dress. 

I last wore this dress here on the blog for my graduation, and since then it has become one of my favorites. While it feels a little too dressy for everyday wear it is perfect for daytime parties and events, like my cousin's baby shower. For any shower I always go with a pretty sundress and girly accessories. A blue necklace might have been more appropriate though since I found out my cousin is have a boy! And let me tell you this little boy will be the Patriots #1 fan with all the football gear he has! 

~ Caroline

Outfit: Stripes and Baubles

Thursday, August 8, 2013

I don't know about you but every summer I get re-addicted to Pinterest. During the school year I try not to go on Pinterest and tumblr because they become the best procrastination tools. However, in the summer I can easily spend an hour scrolling through all those pretty pictures. Lately I've been obsessing over fall classics including neutrals, leather, ankle boots, and cozy sweaters. 

My Pinterest has been filled with all my fall favorites and the pictures just keep coming! You can check out my Pinterest boards here.  What are you loving for this fall? 

~ Caroline

Fall Inspiration

Wednesday, August 7, 2013
{target sweater, forever 21 top, target scarf, Madewell jeans, H&M flats}

The last few days have really felt like fall here in Massachusetts with temperatures in the 70s and crisp mornings. The cool weather has been the perfect excuse for me to break out my new jeans! I bought these high waisted jeans last week at Madewell for only $36! The combination of an awesome sale section and an extra 40% off led to a sweet deal. 

I used to be unsure on how I felt about high waisted jeans (even though I wore high waisted everything else), but now I love them! They are perfect for all the sort of fall days coming up because you an easily throw on a crop top, like the lace one I wore above, and still look school/family appropriate. I've already worn these jeans three times since I brought them home and I'm sure they will become a fall staple of mine. These pictures were taken after a long day so please excuse all those nice wrinkles!

~ Caroline

p.s. Definitely check out Madewell's new denim selections! I love this pair and this pair and may have to splurge on them. 

Outfit: High Waisted Denim

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

In just two weeks I'll be leaving for school and I will have a dorm room to decorate with my roommate. Going from a room of my own at home to a tiny dorm with a roommate will definitely be a challenge since everything we bring with us must fit in the small space. I want everything to be clean and organized, but still homey and cozy at the same time. 

After searching the internet all summer for packing lists and organization tricks I think I've discovered some of the best ways to organize my dorm room. Here are some of my tips!

Colorful and patterned bedding is a must-do for dorm rooms in my opinion. Dorm rooms are known for being dark and neutral, but you can easily add color by buying bright bedding. I suggest buying a more neutral colored duvet (that you can wash!) and then adding colored pillows. This way you can switch out the pillows after a year or two for a whole new look. Also make sure to bring cozy blankets and throws for chillier nights!

Dorm closets are tiny so you have to make the most of the space. Since I hang most of my clothes the best way to do that is to add a second hanging rod for clothes. By hanging your clothing on slim no-slip hangers you ensure everything will be able to fit and nothing will fall onto the floor (a huge pet peeve of mine). Lastly, adding stackable shoe storage either under your bed or at the bottom of your closet is a great way to use all the space. Another option is using hanging shoe storage like this if your closet has doors (mine doesn't). Lastly, don't forget about your belts and scarves. The accessory loop above is great to hang in your closet!

Outside of your closet you are definitely going to need spots to store everything else you bring with you to school. The best place to find extra storage is under your bed with big storage bins. Plastic bins are a great option, but since you won't have a bed skirt I would suggest finding bins that look a little nicer. The bin shown above (that I just bought!) is actually a laundry basket and lining up three or four of them under your bed would be perfect. Other important things to bring are command hooks and drawer dividers. Command hooks can be used for everything from holding bags to hanging picture frames. Drawer dividers are perfect to keep your clothing organized in your dresser drawers. 

When it comes to your desk I say keep it simple. If you plan on actually studying at your desk (which I definitely do) you will want as much space to spread out your papers and books. I suggest putting up a cork board behind your desk to add some color to the bland college wood. Then adding a magazine rack is a great way to store binders or notebooks so they don't end up falling over or in a giant pile. Lastly, make sure to have a weekly planner to write everything down in!

A few other things I have gotten for my dorm room is a jewelry box, a desk lamp, picture frames, and a coffee mug. A jewelry box is a great way to add decoration to your dresser and it also ensures that you don't end up with a mess of jewelry. Picture frames are a great way to add a personal touch to your room both with a fun pattern and pictures of your friends! Having a desk lamp is important whether you keep it on your desk for studying or by your bed for late night magazine reading! Lastly, make sure to bring a coffee mug (and a water heater/coffee maker) so that on chilly fall mornings you can make yourself a cup of coffee or tea without having to go all the way to a dining hall!

While this list isn't nearly everything I plan on bringing with my to school (think lots of clothes, scarves, and shoes) it is definitely a start to getting organized in the last few weeks before you move into your dorm! If there are any other college students with tips I would love to hear them!

~ Caroline

Shop: College Dorm Room

Monday, August 5, 2013

For the fall I would say the one shoe every girl needs is an ankle boot. I have worn this pair many times on the blog (most recently here) and while I love them the heel is somewhat high which makes them hard to wear for long days of walking. 

I've been searching for a more wearable pair of ankle boots for the last few weeks and I have finally found the perfect pair. I was searching for a suede pair with a low heel in either a tan or dark brown. When I found this Sam Edelman pair I knew they were exactly what I wanted, only they cost about $50 to much. So I kept up my search until I found this pair from Urban Outfitters. I tried the olive color on today in the store and they were perfect, especially since they only cost $59! I ordered the tan color (since they didn't have them in the store) and they will arrive soon!

What do you think about the boots? Would you be willing to shell out $130 for the Sam Edelman pair?

~ Caroline

Saturday Shopping

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Yesterday it really started to hit me that summer will be ending soon. Remember all those posts where I complained about summer and wished for chillier temps? Well I'm already starting to regret that. Don't get me wrong I'm still counting down the days until I leave for school (Only 18!), but a part of me already misses the days at the beginning of summer when there was nothing on my to-do list. 

One thing you should all know about me is my obsession with lists and planning. I prefer to be ready early rather than late and this has made me want to pack up everything for school right now. I have made lists of every pair of shoes that will be coming with me to school and everything (besides my clothes) is ready to be packed in my parents car for the drive to New York. The days until I leave are disappearing quicker than I ever thought they could have and with them Summer is quickly ending. So I'll be spending this weekend trying to spend time with my family and friends before they are four hours away! Have a great weekend!

~ Caroline

Weekend Thoughts

Friday, August 2, 2013

Happy August everyone! Over the last few years August has become one of my favorite months (second only to September!). Preparing to go back to school feels like a new beginning and this year it really will be as a head to New York for school. While I like to save most of my fall shopping until mid September I use August to stock up on basics. So for this month's 20 Under $20 I put together some of my favorite fall basics!

H&M is always the best spot when you're looking for layering basics. My favorite finds from H&M have always been their sweaters. Both the grey and black sweater above are perfect for all your fall outfits and they won't even come close to breaking the bank. 

Another great spot to stock up on basics is Old Navy. Time after time I'm surprised by the amount of great pieces Old Navy has. Remember those $3 flip flops you used to buy in every color each summer from Old Navy? Well the new must-have shoe are their ballet flats. These flats (for only $19!) come in four colors and are ideal for casual afternoons. 

I also think it is important to have bags that can be worn for many different occasions. The black cross body bag from Asos can be dressed up for a night out or down for an afternoon of sight seeing. One of the best ideas I've seen on Pinterest recently is using an iPad case as a clutch. The taupe and snake print ipad bag can be stowed inside a tote during the day and then used as a clutch later on. 

~ Caroline

August 20 Under $20

Thursday, August 1, 2013
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