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Shop: Grad Party Dresses

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

I am graduating high school this spring so I have a lot of events coming up, such as graduation parties, that can be hard to dress for.  For my actual graduation we traditionally wear white dresses, but for other events having a fun spring dress is my favorite option. 

Having already been invited to a few graduation parties (as well as my own) I want to invest in one or two dresses that I can wear multiple ways this spring. Dresses may seem like they can only be worn one way, but with the right accessories and layers you can make a dress look new every time you wear it!

Shopbop is my favorite place to shop for dresses since the models style the dresses and you can really get a feel of what a dress will look like. My favorite dress right now is the last dress above. It is a casual dress but it can be dressed up easily by adding a white blazer or nude pumps. Once all the parties are over it can be worn with ankle boots or flats with a denim jacket for a more casual look. 

~ Caroline

p.s. The 2nd to last dress has the cutest back! Check it out here.


  1. I remember having the hardest time finding a white dress for my High School graduation, but that was 11 years ago before online shopping was really a thing. Crazy huh?

    I love the two dresses on the left!

  2. These dresses look great! The second one and the second last one are my favourites. :)

  3. love the last dress <3
    check out my latest post:

  4. Love the 1st dress! :D

    xx MJ

  5. Love the dresses! Great choices!!

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