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I recently got my hair cut about four inches and while it was a needed change in the last few weeks I've found myself wishing I had gone a little shorter. A few of my favorite bloggers Liz from Sequins and Stripes and Julia from Gal Meets Glam have chopped off their long locks in the last few months, and I love it! 

I'm sure many people feel the same way but I get pretty attached to my long hair. I like having the option to do fancy hairstyles, but I never actually do them. Watching inches upon inches of my hair being cut instantly makes me want to run away. However, I think a shorter haircut would be perfect for summer. Just think, less hair means less hair to dry and style every morning. 

 I'm still deciding whether or not to go get a few more inches chopped off. What do you all think? Should a go a few inches shorter?


  1. They look amazing! :)

    xx MJ

  2. I think it's a beautiful look, go for it!

  3. Wow great pictures you've found here :-) Nice bloggers!
    However I think you should chop it of, it would look so could, I'm sure!

    Step by:

  4. I say go for it! I cut off four inches last month and thought it would be a huge change... turned out no one noticed. lol. I say go big. I'm sure it will look fabulous. Lovely post, hun. If you get a moment, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my latest outfit. xo


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