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Happy Friday Summer everyone! Today is my last day of high school ever, though it hasn't really hit me yet. I'm sure I won't realize how much my life is changing until my parents leave me at school in the fall. My last four years have been filled with some incredible memories and I know that even though I'm ecstatic to be leaving right now there will be a lot of people and parts of high school that I miss. 

However, I'm definitely looking forward to the summer! Temperatures will be in the 90s today and heat is here to stay, so I'll be celebrating the end of the year by the water with my friends. I can't wait for long days and nights of summer that will be here so soon, since in a week I will have officially graduated. I'm starting to realize how precious this summer will be since I'm sure it will be one of my last with some of my friends and without a real job.

Have a great Friday everyone and even if you just have the next two days to relax go out and soak up some sun while it is here!

~ Caroline 

School's Out!

{from my tumblr } Happy Friday Summer everyone! Today is my last day of high school ever, though it hasn't really hit me yet. I...
Friday, May 31, 2013

Let me just say, whoever came up with the idea for Bauble Bar was a genius. Recently I've spent way to much time combing through all the boutique and featured designer sections and I'm never at a loss of things to buy. With hundreds of pieces all in the same place it is easy to spend hours on their site without even realizing it. 

Just a few days ago the Courtney Kerr for Bauble Bar collection was released and I think it is my favorite collection yet. The pieces are all completely wearable while still making a statement. My favorite necklace from the collection is number five shown above. 

Happy shopping!

~ Caroline

Shop: My Bauble Bar Addiction

Thursday, May 30, 2013
1: Finish line of the Walk for Hunger! Twenty miles in six and a half hours and we were all starving. 
2: More bracelets being sold to buy uniforms for children in Kenya so they can go to school. My friends at work were happy to rock the bracelets for Instagram. 
3: Crossing over the Sagamore Bridge driving down to the Cape. 
4: Some of my best friends and I unintentionally coordinating. 
1: What has become the usual arm party as Sumer has begun. 
2: Countdown for Seniors and possibly rubbing it everyone else's faces. 
3: Remembering all who have served our country on Memorial Day. 
4: What procrastination looks like on a sunny afternoon. Harper's Bazaar and an Iced Tea Lemonade from Starbucks!

This spring has gone by faster than I thought it possibly could have and at the same time I have done so much in the last few months that it feels like the year has gone on forever. May in particular has gone by in the blink of the eye. Since I've been running around so much my phone has become my go to device for taking pictures and ensuring that all these memories are captured. 

I can't believe it was now a month ago I was doing the Walk for Hunger in Boston and now school is about to end. I'm sure the next few weeks will feel exactly the same with classes ending, Senior week, and Graduation all happening so quickly!

~ Caroline

Memories Captured on Instagram

Wednesday, May 29, 2013
{Forever 21 sweater, H&M shorts, Bella of Cape Cod necklace, Nordstrom watch, unknown bag, Rainbow flip flops}

When I think of a casual summer day this outfit is exactly what I think of. I love throwing on a pair of easy denim shorts with a tank top and bringing along a sweater for chillier temps. I usually wear these shorts to the beach since they are getting old and seriously need to be replaced. However, I have yet to find the perfect replacement so when I was feeling lazy last week I wore them. 

 I originally wore this outfit last Friday to school but since it was pouring the whole day I went out and took pictures yesterday during a break from writing my final essay for one of my classes. Being stuck inside on a gorgeous day made me pretty angry that I hadn't gotten my act together sooner and done my essay. Lesson definitely learned. 

Also, if you are wondering why I'm wearing my Rainbows in every outfit post I've done recently it is because my favorite sandals broke a few weeks ago and I haven't gotten around to replacing them, so I've been wearing my comfy flip flops a lot. 

Hope everyone had a good long weekend! I'm actually excited for this week to start since it is my last week of high school ever. If you can't tell, I'm pretty excited about it. 

~ Caroline

Outfit: Summer Casual

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Happy Friday everyone! Memorial day weekend is one of my favorite weekends of the year since we usually have a family barbecue and relax. This year though this weekend is my last weekend before I'm done with school! While I'm extremely excited school is ending I also have a lot of work from final projects and exams. So unfortunately, most of my weekend will be spent inside working on school work. 

However, even though I'll be stuck inside there is no reason anyone else should be. Since this weekend is the unofficial start to summer it is time to make sure you have some fun pieces for summer, and in honor of Memorial Day I have some of my favorite red, white, and blue things for you. My favorites are the polka dot dress, pineapple bikini, and and striped espadrilles. 

Have a great long weekend!

~ Caroline

Shop: Red White and Blue

Friday, May 24, 2013

I recently got my hair cut about four inches and while it was a needed change in the last few weeks I've found myself wishing I had gone a little shorter. A few of my favorite bloggers Liz from Sequins and Stripes and Julia from Gal Meets Glam have chopped off their long locks in the last few months, and I love it! 

I'm sure many people feel the same way but I get pretty attached to my long hair. I like having the option to do fancy hairstyles, but I never actually do them. Watching inches upon inches of my hair being cut instantly makes me want to run away. However, I think a shorter haircut would be perfect for summer. Just think, less hair means less hair to dry and style every morning. 

 I'm still deciding whether or not to go get a few more inches chopped off. What do you all think? Should a go a few inches shorter?

Chop it Off

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

 {unknown top, Ann Taylor Loft skirt, Rainbow flip  flops, Bella of Cape Cod necklace, Nordstrom watch}

Happy Tuesday everyone! This week, while filled with many school things I need to do is also filled with many fun events that are making graduation seem ever closer. I'm still getting over a few of my sun burns from this past weekend that taught me a lesson on wearing sun screen. Basically, put sun screen on everywhere. Don't be lazy and only apply to half your legs because the back of your legs will be scorched. 

Anyways, on my second day in Chatham we went to the beach for a little while and then walked around the center. Chatham is one of the prettiest towns on the Cape and their town center proves to be no different. It is filled with quaint shops and restaurants including a new favorite of mine, Bella of Cape Cod. One of my friends told us that we had to go there and I wasn't disappointed. Think Stella and Dot style jewelry, but for extremely affordable prices. Everything is under twenty five dollars! I ended up spending probably way more than I should have there and came away with the necklace I'm wearing in the pictures and a few other things. If you are ever in Chatham I highly recommend Bella

Another lesson I learned on our second day was that a well packed suitcase is the best type of suitcase. My suitcase was thrown together at midnight the night before we left leaving me with weird outfit combinations that just weren't working. Luckily, my friend let me borrow a few things and I ended up loving what I wore for dinner! Thanks Katherine!

~ Caroline

p.s. I'm kind of a meteorology freak and love watching the clouds! I finally saw a halo (the circle of light around the sun) for the first time at the beach!

Travel: Chatham Day Two

Tuesday, May 21, 2013
 {Express top, Lucky Brand jeans (similar), Tiffany heart necklace, Nordstrom watch}

I got home from Chatham yesterday after a great few days with my friends. One of my favorite parts was our trip to Lighthouse Beach, where we walked along the beach a little and took plenty of pictures. As all my friends are starting to realize we will all be separated in just a few months pictures have become more and more important to us. 

 After a long day at the beach, which caused a few sunburns, the thought of dressing up just didn't appeal to me at all. So instead I threw on a pair of jeans and my favorite new shirt from Expres. I've worn this shirt more times than I probably should have since I bought it two weeks ago. 

I'm sad to be home, but I only have nine more days of school and then a long summer ahead of me. I'll have pictures up of my second day in Chatham tomorrow! 

~ Caroline

Travel: Light House Beach

Monday, May 20, 2013
{Picture from my tumblr}

Happy Friday everyone! I'm starting my weekend a little early today and driving down to the Cape with a few of my friends. I'll be down there until Sunday and I'm sure our short time will be full of good laughs and memories we will talk about for a long time. I'm also hoping to get a little sun since I've been stuck inside at work most of the nicest days (like yesterday!) this spring.I'll be sure to take some pictures and put them up next week. 

Hope all your weekends are as great as mine. If not make sure to take some time to relax or do something you love. We will all miss these warm sunny weekends in Winter and wonder why we didn't do more. 

~ Caroline

Happy Weekend!

Friday, May 17, 2013
{Forever 21 top, American Eagle Jeans, Gap flats, Forever 21 cuff, Forever 21 bracelet}

Ever since I bought a chambray shirt from J.Crew almost two years ago I have been obsessed with the material. If you don't own anything chambray you need to head to the closest store and buy a piece right now, seriously. The sad thing about my long sleeve chambray shirt that it doesn't work well on hot spring days. So when I found this top at Forever 21 the other day it just had to come home with me!
Also, recently a community service club I'm in at school started selling these friendship bracelets to raise money for uniforms for children in Esabalu, Kenya. In Kenya the only requirement for children to go to school is to have a uniform, but even still many families can't afford to buy uniforms for any or all of their children. To show my support and do a little advertising of our project I've been wearing my bracelet everyday and I must saw I love it! When paired with other bracelets it adds a fun pop of color for spring. 

~ Caroline

Outfit: Summer Chambray

Thursday, May 16, 2013

I am graduating high school this spring so I have a lot of events coming up, such as graduation parties, that can be hard to dress for.  For my actual graduation we traditionally wear white dresses, but for other events having a fun spring dress is my favorite option. 

Having already been invited to a few graduation parties (as well as my own) I want to invest in one or two dresses that I can wear multiple ways this spring. Dresses may seem like they can only be worn one way, but with the right accessories and layers you can make a dress look new every time you wear it!

Shopbop is my favorite place to shop for dresses since the models style the dresses and you can really get a feel of what a dress will look like. My favorite dress right now is the last dress above. It is a casual dress but it can be dressed up easily by adding a white blazer or nude pumps. Once all the parties are over it can be worn with ankle boots or flats with a denim jacket for a more casual look. 

~ Caroline

p.s. The 2nd to last dress has the cutest back! Check it out here.

Shop: Grad Party Dresses

Tuesday, May 14, 2013
{my outfit: Anthropologie dress, Vince Comuto heels, unknown bracelet, Essie Tart Deco nail polish}

While it's Monday morning I'm still reminiscing on my weekend! Saturday night I had my Senior Prom that I went to with some of my friends. I went to Prom last year and kind of went all out so this year I was much more easy going with the whole thing. 

As my friends know school dances (especially ones that cost ridiculous amounts of money to go to) aren't really my favorite thing. I would much rather go out to dinner or explore somewhere new in Boston. However, I ended up having a great time. I've definitely reached the point where I don't care what anyone at my school thinks of me so it was fun to just scream the words to all the songs and dance with everyone. 

I decided to go to Prom pretty last minute and lucked out finding this incredible dress at Anthropologie. It is completely different that anything I've ever worn but I loved it! While I loved it for prom I can't wait to wear it casually with sandals and a denim jacket.  I didn't want to do anything crazy with my hair so I did a little french braid across the top and then curled it the way I always do!

Now that this weekend is over I'm counting down to Friday when I'm heading down to Cape Cod with a few friends for the weekend! My senior spring seems to just be starting!

~ Caroline

p.s. Tart Deco by Essie has become my favorite spring nail color! It is a perfect soft coral.

Outfit: A Printed Prom

Monday, May 13, 2013
{picture from my tumblr}

Happy Friday everyone! I am so happy it is finally the weekend. I had a week of AP exams and hard tests but it is finally over and the weekend will be full of fun! 

Tomorrow night is my Prom and while I'm not exactly the biggest fan of Prom I am actually looking forward to it! My friends convinced me to go last minute so I never thought I'd find a dress. But I found an incredible dress that I hope I'll have forever and I can't wait to show you all pictures!

Also on a completely different topic, I just found out about the Phillip Lim for Target collection coming out in mid September and I'm insanely excited. I love Phillip Lim and my birthday is right around then so I will definitely have to treat myself! You can check out the Huffington Post article I read here and early sketches of the collection here

Have a great weekend! See you Monday. 

~ Caroline

Happy Friday!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Over the last few years I've bought a lot of red. Look into my closet and it is pretty easy to tell how much I love the color. Red works well with my usual patriotic color scheme and there are so many different shades of red out there so it isn't hard to find a shade that flatters you. 

My usual go to spot for red pieces is J.Crew and Topshop. J.Crew definitely has the best preppy pieces and I can always find fun unique pieces at Topshop. My favorite find recently has been these red J.Crew shorts. They are perfect for summer and will fit perfectly into my wardrobe. 

~ Caroline

Shop: Pop of Red

Thursday, May 9, 2013
{Express top, unknown skirt, American Eagle jacket (similar), Rainbow flip flops, Nordstrom watch, Alex and Ani bangle, Forever 21 bracelet}

By now I'm sure most of you know how much I love peplum. It has definitely become my favorite trend and I'm sure I will wear it long past when the trend fades. So when I found these simple peplum tanks at Express the other day I had to buy them (I bought two!) Most peplum shirts I own are patterned so finding simple ones that I can pair with other patterned pieces was just what I needed. 

Yesterday I wore the white top I got to school with jeans but ended up changing into a skirt later since it warmed up so much! At school I added fun jewelry to brighten up the simple shirt and then I went a little simpler with the striped skirt. I've been wearing flip flops every day since I did the Walk for Hunger on Sunday (because of a horrible blister I got) which makes it feel like Summer!

Also, usually I hate the way cameras change the coloring in pictures but for this shoot it was perfect! My shoulders and calves are bright red but you don't even notice! 

I'm taking my last AP exam today so things will get back to normal soon. Happy Wednesday!

~ Caroline

Outfit: Simple Peplum

Wednesday, May 8, 2013
{UO scarf, Topshop top, Topshop skirt, Michael Kors watch, Forever 21 bangles, Steve Madden sandals, Cesca bag via Nordstrom}

Hey all! I am finally done with my first of my two AP tests! I took my AP Chem exam yesterday and I am so happy to be done. I only have my calculus exam left and 18 more days of school! The year is coming to an end so quickly. 

One of my favorite parts of spring and summer is how easy it is to mix bright colors and fun patterns in your outfits. I own multiple striped skirts, but I seriously want the skirt above from Topshop. The cut is so flattering and the navy and white stripes are classic. Adding a bright patterned scarf and coordinating bag make the look special and perfect for spring! 
Also these sandals are on sale from Steve Madden and I love them! The light leather goes with so much and I've been looking for a pair of sandals with a simple strap. 

I will hopefully have a new outfit post up soon! I'm waiting for a few of my sunburns to go away... After doing the 20 mile Walk for Hunger on Sunday my calves and shoulders are about as bright as the bag above. Not fun! 

~ Caroline

Styled: Spring Brights and Stripes

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

column one: headband, shorts, bracelet, clutch
column two: flats, bracelet, scarf, dress
column three: bikini, iphone case

Happy Friday! and Happy May! Even though I am a few days late I have my usual monthly 20 under $20 post for you. I know at the beginning of April I said March flew by, but seriously April went so quickly. I can't believe temperatures are in the 70s and school ends in a month!

With my senioritis comes all thoughts about summer so I've been searching for summer must-haves for a while. Of course there are always the usual suspects (bathing suit, sunglasses, dresses) but there are also a few new things I want for summer this year. One of my favorite trends right now are the friendship bracelet style bracelets. Think those rope friendship bracelets everyone used to pile on their arms (which I actually hated...) and then add a little bling! These bracelets scream summer and unlike the usual friendship bracelets you can take them off. Bauble Bar and Nordstrom have great high quality options. 

I won't be doing a lot of traveling this summer but I always like to stock up on travel essentials for short trips. One of my favorite tricks is using a make up bag (like the one in column five) at the beach or on vacation to store my essentials. I put my phone, lip gloss, keys in the little bag and then throw it inside a bigger tote. 

Hope you like a few of my May finds. Have a great weekend!

~ Caroline

May 20 Under $20

Friday, May 3, 2013
{F21 jacket, UO scarf, F21 top, F21 skirt, J.Crew belt, Alex and Ani bracelets, Nordstrom watch, Report flats}

Hey everyone! Sorry for the silence this week. My AP exams are coming up at the beginning of next week so I've had way too much school work. I meant to post these pictures yesterday but was getting into bed Tuesday night when I remembered so I figured sleep might be more important
I wore this outfit last weekend to lunch for my final National Charity League event. I tried to mix it up by pairing a striped T with my leopard scarf. Unfortunately since it was a little chilly outside I had to wear a jacket. I'll definitely be wearing this outfit again when I don't have to wear a jacket so that you can see the stripes. 

~ Caroline

Outfit: Leopard and Stripes

Thursday, May 2, 2013
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