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{Images from my Tumblr}

Jenna Lyons, Creative Director and President of J.Crew, has been a force in the fashion world for a while now, and I have been one of her avid followers. Lyons has a style that is more than striking, it is memorable and with that style she has made J.Crew an incredible brand. Her look is a mix of classic J.Crew and pieces that make a serious statement. 

However, there is a lot more than Lyons' style that makes her one of my icons. Jenna has made her way up the J.Crew ladder over the years starting as an assistant before becoming president. Instead of just wearing pretty clothes Lyons is a head of a major company that she is partially responsible for the turn around of. You know those J.Crew Style Guides that you spend an hours flipping through? Completely Lyons. She was able imagine what J.Crew could be and then make it a reality. As this article says, J.Crew is a cult brand, and I don't see that changing as long as Jenna Lyons is there. 

Also, Lyons' office is incredible. Check out these pictures to see what I mean. 

~ Caroline

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Style Icon: Jenna Lyons

{Images from my Tumblr} Jenna Lyons, Creative Director and President of J.Crew, has been a force in the fashion world for ...
Monday, April 29, 2013
{F21 top, Zara dress (worn as skirt), F21 jacket, Report flats, Nordstrom watch (rose gold)}

Since I'm not someone who can afford to buy a completely new wardrobe each season (I mean, who can, or would want to anyways?) I often rely on old favorites of mine. This polka dot dress from Zara has been worn to death since I bought it either two or three years ago, but until yesterday I'd never worn it as a skirt. Dresses can be hard to wear differently since there are only so many jackets/shoes you can pair them with, but a skirt can go with many tops. I wasn't sure how the combo would look, but I ended up loving it! 

Also, happy Friday everyone! I'm very ready for the weekend even though, unfortunately, it will be filled with a lot of studying and working. Hope you all have a great weekend!

~ Caroline

Outfit: Old Favorites

Friday, April 26, 2013

Visiting NYC is definitely an experience that makes you feel like however hard you tree you'll never have the style, elegance, and attitude of a New Yorker. The city is filled with hundreds of thousands of stylish women, so you can easily feel lost in the crowd. I also had a difference experience this visit since in the back of my mind I was trying to figure out some essentials for city living, since it is much different than my life in suburbia. 

A few things I noticed are:
1) New Yorkers have some serious shoes. When you are walking everywhere you need good shoes (meaning high quality and comfort). I saw at least a hundred pairs of white converse and even more pairs of ankle boots. 
2) I need a leather jacket. Hands down, number one thing to get. Every other woman was wearing one, but in different styles. I love the jacket above from Zara. 
3) Baseball caps are most definitely in. While people in New York like to sport their Yankees caps, I'm a Bostonian at heart and would go for a Red Sox option.
4) A nice leather bag is a necessary item. I guess this is sort of common sense, but a medium size hand bag seemed like the best bag to use every day. 
5) Casual can look stylish. Layer on those tshirts and scarves. 
6) Everyone needs sunglasses. In my opinion Ray Bans are the best choice, but any pair will do. I never buy expensive pairs since I tend to drop/break my glasses. By the time we were leaving the city, though, I realized how harsh the sunlight can be in the city and will definitely be getting a good pair of sunnies. 

~ Caroline

NYC Style Envy

Wednesday, April 24, 2013
{1: View of Brooklyn Bridge from South Street Seaport}
{2: I love the flower and fruit stands along the busy soho streets}
{3: Felt like I needed to go visit Dan Humphrey across the bridge}
{4: World Trade Center Memorial building rising up into the sky}

{5: Little Cupcake Bakeshop, one of my favorite cupcake/desert places in the city}
{6: Outside my new school for the next four years!}
{7: Washington Sq Arch against the blue skies}
{8: Blossoming trees that I have yet to see in Mass this spring}

{9: Delicious Bruschetta at Lunella Restaurant. One of the best Italian meals I've ever had}
{10: I love these city streets}
{11: Peeks at the Empire State Building}
{12/13: Incredible view from an NYU building}

I got back from New York late Sunday night and unfortunately had homework to do for Monday morning so I didn't have time to upload these pictures for yesterday, but here they are! I had an amazing time in New York during the short time (not even 48 hours) I was there. 

Saturday I spent the day with my parents exploring lower Manhattan. We went down to the South Street Seaport that overlooks the Brooklyn Bridge. Unfortunately most of this area is still empty and under construction from Hurricane Sandy last fall. Luckily the skies cleared as the day went on and the sun came out. The blue skies made the World Trade Center Memorial building look incredible. Saturday night we had dinner in Little Italy at Lunella, and the food was incredible. The bruschetta was as good (possibly better) than the bruschetta I had in Italy. Then we went to the Little Cupcake Bakeshop. I've been to this cupcake place a few times and I must saw my favorite thing is there oreo cheesecake. Yummmm!

Sunday was my accepted students day at NYU and it made me even more excited for this fall (if that is even possible). I was able to tour inside the Business school and see a few residence halls. The best part of the day was definitely the view from the student center. I can't believe this is going to be home soon!

Also, I have a few ridiculously hard AP exams coming up in the next few weeks so I'll be very busy with school. I'm hoping to keep posting 3 or 4 times a week, but don't worry I will be back full time once they are over on May 8th!

~ Caroline

New York Photo Diary

Tuesday, April 23, 2013
{from my Tumblr}

Happy weekend everyone! While I have been on vacation from school this week I am still so excited for the weekend because it means I'm finally going to New York! I'll be spending less than 48 hours in the city but my time will be packed with many different things! I'll be visting NYU for all of Sunday for an accepted students day, but I'm hoping to have time for some exploring on Saturday. Pictures will be up next week! 

Also, this weekly post has become one of my favorite parts of my blog. I end up spending almost an hour scrolling through Tumblr to find the perfect picture to inspire me. The neon  pumps just scream summer.

Have a great weekend!

~ Caroline

Happy Weekend!

Friday, April 19, 2013
{Dress: Topshop}

Even though I'm on vacation this week I have been extremely busy with work. Since I work at an ice cream store my work attire consists of jeans and a tshirt, so my outfits this week have been less than picture worthy. 

So I thought I'd show you an outfit I wish I was wearing. I love this topshop dress because of the bright color and little cut out in the front. It would work well for day or night when paired with different accessories. Adding a blazer and flat sandals as well as neutral accessories makes this outfit perfect for the daytime. At night adding fun patterned heels and bright jewelry really shows off the dress and makes it appropriate for a party!

~ Caroline

Styled: Day to Night Dress

Thursday, April 18, 2013
{Tan: Asos, Topshop, JCrew}

The clutch is a bag that is often overlooked in my wardrobe, and many others. For the most part I like having as much space as I can in a bag so I turn to totes and other large bags. However, sometimes you don't want or need a lot in your bag and this is where having the perfect clutch is a great thing. 

Every girl should have (at least) three clutches, one in a neutral color, a bold color, and then a pouch of her choice. Yes, I know that two categories are colors and one is a style but I think a pouch is an important category. In the first two categories I would look for more structured clutches since a pouch is so simple. 

For spring some of my favorites in each category are tan/nude pouches! This neutral color goes with everything and can also be dressed up or down. When looking for a colored clutch I would pick a pastel one right now. Also look for colors that accent pieces in your wardrobe. I own a lot of blue pieces so the mint would work great in my wardrobe. 

Lastly, when looking for a pouch there are really two ways you can go, either a basic pouch or a fun patterned or beaded pouch. While a basic plain leather pouch will obviously go with a lot, a patterned pouch can also work really well. The beaded pouch above would be great dressed up or down and with so many different colors!

~ Caroline

p.s. An extra plus is all these clutches are under $70 and many are under $40!

Necessity: The Clutch

Wednesday, April 17, 2013
{Forever 21 top (similar), Sold Design Lab jeans, Free People bag, City Classified Boots (in other colors)}

I didn't plan to write about striped tees yesterday and then wear one in my outfit post today but I guess it shows how much I really love striped tees. This top was just to easy to throw on with my new jeans. 

 Last week I wrote this post about boyfriend jeans and how I've been looking for a pair for a long long time. Well this weekend I finally found the perfect pair at Marshalls. The price at Marshalls was only $50 for a pair of jeans that usually cost $100, so I think I seriously scored big time. After years of wearing nothing but skinny jeans I love these jeans. The loose fit is so comfortable  and I can see them going with everything else I own. 

People have always told me that only models can wear boyfriend jeans and I must say I completely disagree. While I did pair my jeans with some unflattering stripes girls of all sizes can add layers that flatter their upper body and look great in boyfriend jeans. If you are worried about buying bf jeans I say take the plunge and buy a pair, I know I love mine!

~ Caroline

Outfit: A Little Looser

Tuesday, April 16, 2013
{Boston Common July 2012}

After todays tragedy at the Boston Marathon I felt like I needed to take a moment to talk about what happened. I've lived in Massachusetts for seven years, and will call this place my home for the rest of my life.

Today, Patriots Day, is a celebration of our country and the freedom that we fought for in the Revolutionary War and the Boston Marathon is filled with well deserved joy and pride. Boston is a city I have always loved and to think someone could do something so horrible on one of Boston's proudest days is inconceivable to me. 

I'm not the best at putting my feelings into words, but I want everyone who was at the Marathon finish line or had family members who were there to know that all our thoughts and prayers are going out to you. 

~ Caroline

Stay Strong Boston

Monday, April 15, 2013
{photos from my tumblr}

When I say this is a top every girl needs I mean this is a top every girl needs at least three of. Striped shirts are the perfect go with everything top. Just from the pictures above you can see how much you can pair a classic striped shirt with. They can be dressed up or down. You can add other patterns or keep it simple with neutrals. The possibilities are actually endless. 

Over the years I've searched for the perfect striped shirt. I've always thought I'd find the shirt, the one I would buy five of just so I would have it forever, but this hasn't happened. However, I've realized there isn't just one perfect striped top, but many, and I've slowly started collecting them all. I love striped button downs, sweaters, and more, but the classic tee is my favorite of course. 

Some of my favorite striped tees:
1. Saint James for J.Crew Shrunken Tee - I've tried this top on so many times but have yet to shell out the pretty high $80 for it
2. Forever 21 Open-Knit Striped Top - Forever 21 actually has great Tees, and I love the cut and texture of this one. 
3. Forever 21 Essential Boat Neck Striped Top - The name says it all. This top is so cute and I love the way the stripes don't go all the way down the shirt. 
4. Madewell Indigo Ink Raglan Tee - Madewell always does it right and this multi-hued blue tee is perfect for casual days. 
5. Gap Striped Slub Baseball Tee - I am coveting this tee! It could easily be dressed up or down. 
6. Anthropologie Kaleidoscope Pocket Tee - Anthropologie did it again with this tee. The stripes paired with a patterned pocket does the pattern mixing for you! My favorite is the light blue and white. 

The Top Every Girl Needs

{picture from my tumblr}

Happy weekend to everyone and happy vacation to me! One of the best things about living in new England is April vacation (and February vacation). Now that the weather is getting nice the last thing I want to be doing in sitting in a classroom staring at a board and hearing a teacher drone on. While I will have to go back to that in a week the break will definitely be nice (and is seriously needed). 

I am staying at home for most of the week but I'm hoping to plan a few fun things to do with friends over break. I'll also be working a lot and studying for those looming AP exams... Not looking forward to those. However, next weekend I'll be visiting New York for an accepted students day at NYU. I'll only be in the city for two days but I'm hoping to get in some much needed shopping. It will be a short stint but knowing I'll get to call my favorite city home in just a few months keeps me going. 

Have a great weekend!

~ Caroline

p.s. Today is my little sister's 15th birthday! The fact that she is turning 15 is killing me. In my mind she is still seven years old screaming at me to wait for her. 

Happy Friday!

Friday, April 12, 2013
{Gap jacket, brand unknown dress via Nordstrom, City Classified boots}

This week even though it was gorgeous out earlier I felt like my closet was full of nothing. All I kept thinking was I have a closet stuffed to the brim with absolutely nothing I will ever wear again. That is completely falso, but I always feel like this school gets busy and mornings are hectic.

 Mornings like these are when bloggers around the world save me. Instead of staring blankly into my closet for twenty minutes I got my laptop and checked new posts to some of my favorite blogs. Thankfully, after seeing this post on Kendi's blog, Kendi Everyday, I knew exactly what I wanted to wear. I took Kendi's outfit and found pieces in my closest that look similar.  

The light blue and olive combo are ingenious and I definitely couldn't have come up with something like this on Tuesday morning. In under ten minutes I had a great put-together outfit for a sunny day, so thank you for saving the day Kendi!

~ Caroline

Outfit: I'm a Copycat

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Hey all! I have a quick post today since my week is crazy busy. I only have three more days until April vacation starts though so I am trying to chug through! 

I've recently been buying a lot of statement jewelry. While I used to wear mostly small delicate pieces in all silver or gold I've been drawn more towards bright and bold pieces. However, while JCrew and many other brands have incredible necklaces the price tag can get pretty steep. It begs the question, is this something I should really be spending $100 on?I'm sure you've noticed one of my favorite necklaces (seen here, here, and here on the blog) from J.Crew. I wear it all the time and I've been itching for more necklaces as spring has started! 

How much do you think I should spend on a new statement necklace? Is Forever 21 the way to go or should a splurge a little and buy something that is sure to last?

~ Caroline

Splurge vs Save: Statement Necklace

Wednesday, April 10, 2013
{Urban Outfitters Scarf, Forever 21sweater, Forever 21 blouse (similar), JBrand jeans, City Classified boots}

Like most people I don't always have enough time to really focus on my outfit choices in the morning. My days usually start early (like 5:30am early) and end late so every minute of sleep I can get is needed. Some days doing my hair and picking out an outfit are just impossible and that is when I turn to easy options. I let my hair air dry part of the way and then blast it with my blow dryer for a few minutes (yes, I do know how bad this is for my hair), and find the simplest items to wear.

Days like these are when I turn to my scarves. I've collected many scarves over the last few years from random boutiques, streets in Florence, and some of my favorite stores. Scarves can add the perfect flair to a simple outfit and are also perfect accents in a room. When I saw this scarf at Urban Outfitters I new I needed it. The bright orangey red with black and white leopards easily pairs with neutral outfits while adding a bright pop of color. Plus, I'm all for wearing animals. I have a bird print shirt as well as a bird print sweater, and now I have leopards!

~ Caroline

p.s. I also love this scarf from UO!

Outfit: Put A Scarf On It

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

{polishes left to right: no chips ahead, chinchilly, sand tropez, mamba, tart deco, a cut above}

Do you have any Sunday rituals? In the last few years I've begun to do a few things on Sundays that help me start of my week right, like painting my nails and organizing my closet. I've found it relaxing and a perfect way to start my week. I never used to paint my nails on my own because I was horrible at it, but after a few months of practice I think I'm starting to get the hang of it. 

As I've started doing my nails more my nail polish collection has also grown. Essie has quickly became my favorite nail polish brand because two coats of Essie polishes always looks better than two coats of other brands. Over the winter my favorite colors were Sand Tropez and chinchilly, but for spring I'm starting to wear brighter colors. Sand Tropez is definitely my favorite nude/tan color I've found so far though!

This weekend I finally bought a glittery top coat for my nails after seeing so many variatons of a glittery accent nail (this is my favorite). However, instead of trying to put real glitter on my nails I bought Essie's "a cut above" top coat that adds a glitter top to my coral nails.I love the way it came out and the glitter was so easy to put on! I ended up putting two coats of the glitter on so that my ring finger was super glittery, but you could just do one coat for a little shimmer. 

~ Caroline

Glitter Accent Nail

Monday, April 8, 2013
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