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Spring 2013 Trend: Short Suits

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The second trend for spring I love is short suits. I'm dying to try this trend out in some way. Part of the reason this trend is so great is because once you have a short suit you can wear the pieces separately and create many different looks. 

However, wearing a patterned short suit is a little intimidating (at least I think so). The black and white suit above is a great option when starting out because it has a simple color scheme of neutrals. Black and white is safer than busting out a pink or blue suit. Another option if you don't think you can wear a whole patterned short suit is pairing a blazer with a pair of shorts. I love the idea of pairing a patterned blazer with a solid pair of shorts. A navy and white striped blazer would look great with navy shorts (or red/coral shorts for a pop of color). By pairing the navy striped blazer and navy shorts you will get the effect of a short suit without as much pattern. 

~ Caroline

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  1. Love it!

    xx MJ


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