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Saturday, February 16, 2013
{white top, ombre top, dress, pants}

I used to have a serious addiction to Pinterest, but recently I've been spending much more time on Tumblr and other blogs. Sometimes Pinterest can get a little repetitive  I can only see so many hair tutorials and recipes before I need to switch it up. 
However, yesterday on Pinterest I came across a gem in a sea of duds. Daily Chic is a online shop that has perfect pieces for spring. From semi-formal dresses to patterned pants anything you could want for the upcoming months is on this site. I love the models who are shot in the clothes and the accessories that they add (which are also on the site). 
Not to mention everything on Daily Chic is the perfect price. Tops are around $30 and dresses are usually $50! I can't wait to get my hands on  these gorgeous clothes!

Now thanks to Daily Chic anyone who orders a piece of theirs will get 15% off for the next week using the code peachy keen. Thanks so much to them! 
~ Caroline


  1. Nice outfits!

    xx MJ

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  3. Hi Caroline! Thank you so much for the fabulous post! If you'd like to add a note to it, we've created a discount code valid for one week for your followers!

    Use Promo Code peachykeen and enjoy 15% off all orders!!!

    Daily Chic

  4. Great post. I am also addicted to Pinterest! I really need to start using tumblr more though as I feel it's such a good avenue for bloggers like us, however I just feel like there is so much social media to keep up with I somehow just don't find the time! Must change that though.

  5. I just have the Pin It button installed on my browser and go about perusing blogs and tumblr as usual pinning anything I like. It works super well! Because actually hardcore pinteresting can be such a time-consumer.

  6. Never heard of the shop before but it looks great! Going to take a look! :)


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