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{cap-toe flats, necklace, bracelet, iPhone case, pullover, color blocked blouse}
{striped flats, scarf, denim shorts, skirt, floral jeans, striped shirt}

The J.Crew Spring/Summer collection is finally here! I have a obsession with J.Crew that has gone on for many year, and I don't see it ending anytime soon. J.Crew seamlessly puts together classic items with trends in a way that is mind blowing an incredible.
 From color blocking to patterned pants J.Crew has covered all my favorite trends this season, while still creating gorgeous classics with a nod to nautical style. 
The collection is also filled with the best basics for the spring and summer season. Stripes shirts and denim shorts often end up being my uniform in the summer. I know I'll be taking these basics and adding the pretty necklaces and patterned scarves in the spring collection. Now it just needs to warm so I have a reason to buy everything I love!

Have a great weekend! I couldn't be happier it is Friday since I seem to be getting sick like everyone else I've talked to. Hope you are all staying healthy out there. There are only a few more weeks months until Spring, we can do it!

~ Caroline


  1. omg. summer you should come ;) Happy Weekend!

  2. Love it :)


  3. If only it were warm enough for these pieces! Love the nautical look- one of my faves!

  4. It's always good to have basics to fall back on.... like the black and white nautical shirt.

  5. I want Spring so much!!

    xx MJ

  6. Love the red shirt! Adorable. New follower here!



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