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Happy New Year's Eve! While twenty twelve was a great year filled with experiences I'll never forget I am ready for twenty thirteen to begin!

See ya next year!

~ Caroline

Twenty Thirteen

Happy New Year's Eve! While twenty twelve was a great year filled with experiences I'll never forget I am ready for twenty th...
Monday, December 31, 2012
2012 was a pretty great year for me. It was filled with great times with my friends, trips with my family, and many firsts and lasts. 
One of my favorite christmas cards we received this year listed the family's top ten moments of their year. There were small moments to big events written down. I love the idea of reflecting over all of 2012 so I thought I would try it out. 

1. Going to the AMS conference in New Orleans. If you are ever in New Orleans go to Jaques-Imo's. Seriously it is ahhh-mazing. They serve classic New Orleans food and I had this delicious rabbit with pasta dish. 

2. Touring Colleges in the South with my mom. After seeing Vanderbilt we checked out Nashville, which turned out to be great (even if I'm under 21). 

3.  Visiting my former home, Wilmington NC, with my family. I love this picture from the top of a hotel on the beach. One highlight of the trip was seeing the river court from One Tree Hill as it was being taken down. I was too young to appreciate One Tree Hill when we lived in Wilmington but now I'm a huge fan!

4. Dad turning 50! Our trip down to Wilmington was a present for my dad. This was the other present for him that my sister and I made. Maybe the most creative present I've ever thought of. 

5. Rockport in the Summertime. We take at least one day trip to Rockport in the summer. Walking through the town and seeing tall the boats is my favorite!

 6. Seeing the Iron Man Triathlon in Lake Placid, NY. Every other year we visit friends for a week in Lake Placid and I hope the tradition never ends. We always watch the cyclists come in and see the winner. I could never do an Iron Man but it is fun to watch!

7. Going to New York City and visting my future school. In September I had no idea I'd be applying early to NYU but when I saw the school and Greenwich Village I knew I needed to go there.

8. Meeting Scott Schuman. I'll never forget that night!

9. Getting into NYU. I still get butterflies anytime I think about it! 

10. Boston Lights at Christmas. I love walking through Boston Public Garden at night time around Christmas. The lights on the trees and bridge are gorgeous. 

2012 was a year to remember but I have a feeling that 2013 is going to be even better. There will be many changes this year in my life and I can't wait for them to begin!

~ Caroline

As The Year Ends...

Sunday, December 30, 2012
{Images from Blair Waldorf Fashion}

Gossip Girl is over. Granted, Gossip Girl has been over for a few weeks now, but I just saw the finally. Gossip Girl is one of the few shows I've watched from the beginning until the end. The twist and turns and drama filled episodes kept millions of girls at their toes for years and honestly I don't think there will ever be another story that can do the same thing. 
Gossip Girl showed everything that is wrong with the Upper East Side and top .001% in the US but at the same time it helped girls like me work through every day problems and strive to succeed. 
The shining example of this idea is Blair Waldorf. Blair changed from spoiled mean girl to confident inspirational business women in front of our eyes.
 My mom often reminds me that Gossip Girl isn't real and neither are Serena, Blair, or any of the other characters, but I don't think that is what matters. Blair showed me how you should act and the choices I should make. Some of the time she did that by making the wrong choices and dealing with the consequences and sometimes she made the right choices. 
However, we cannot make light of one of the best parts of Gossip Girl, the fashion. With each episode I was impressed and sometimes confused (but mostly impressed). Blair's outfits throughout the seasons have shown every girl how they should dress. While somethings never change like Blair's love of headbands and all things girly, Blair's outfits changed with her evolution. Each season we saw a new side of Blair and a new side of her clothes. Above are a few favorites from each season!

~ Caroline

p.s. If you have any suggestions for a tv show or book to replace the whole in my heart that has been filled by gossip girl all these years please tell me!

The End of Gossip Girl

Saturday, December 29, 2012
Blazer urban outfitters (old), Sweater unknown brand,
 forever 21 jeans, City Classified boots

For Christmas my parents gave me these gorgeous boots! I've already used them for a few outfit ideas on the blog and now I can really wear them all the time! I started off the day pairing them with my maroon pants, comfy sweater, and a blazer. I ended up changing into a pair of flats after the bottom of my boots got sandy. 
Looking at these pictures I wish I had worn a thinner sweater because layering the thick sweater and blazer together isn't the most flattering on me. However, it was really comfy and perfect for a lazy christmas day. 
Happy Friday! I have a few more days off from school but since I'll be missing a few days next week to go to Austin, Tx I have to force myself to do some homework.

~ Caroline


Friday, December 28, 2012

Hey All! I hope you all had a great Christmas whatever you were doing. I took a ton of pictures during the last few days that I am slowly going through. I will show you them soon! For now though these are a few pictures taken on my phone in the last week that I love! 
I love the week after Christmas because since I don't go back to school until next Wednesday I have some time to relax and do my favorite thing, shopping. I'll definitely be hitting up after christmas sales including the two I talked about in this post. I was given some amazing presents on Christmas from my family and friends. A lot of them will be showing up in my outfit posts in the next few weeks!

~ Caroline

Life Through My Phone Lately

Thursday, December 27, 2012
{photo on my tumblr}

Merry Christmas to all! Today I'm spending time with my family in Connecticut. I'll be eating plenty of good food, relaxing, and taking lots of pictures. I was already given some incredible presents from my parents and sister which you will be seeing on the blog soon. 
Hope you all have a great day and let us all treasure our family and friends. 

~ Caroline 

Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012
Top Row: necklace, shirt, tshirt
Bottom Row: bag, skirt, vest

So I know it isn't Christmas yet, but my mind is already fast forwarding to the hundreds of after christmas sales that I will be searching out. 
In the few days after Christmas you can find some of the best sales, even better than Black Friday at some stores. If you have things to return or some extra spending money from presents I would highly suggest heading to the mall or curling up with your computer. 
Some of the best sales I've already seen are at J.Crew Factory and Tobi. At J.Crew factory there is 60% all final sale items through December 31. While sometimes final sale can be a little daunting if you know your size at J.Crew and completely trust the brand (like I do), go for it! Look on their website to see if there are any factory stores near you, because honestly you cannot miss this sale. Tobi is having a great sale until the end of December as well. The whole site is 40% if you join (which just means giving them your email). 
I already know that I'll be buying a few things from both of these places before December is over. However, until then here are a few of my favorites from each store. 

~ Caroline

p.s. I'm obsessing over these pictures on Brunette Blogging from my new home in 8 months!

After Christmas Sales

Sunday, December 23, 2012
{Images via Stockholm StreetStyle}
Shoes: Aldo, Chelsea Crew vis Urban Outfitters, PROSA, Aldo

As Christmas day approaches I have been thinking about what I will be wearing to celebrate the holiday with my family. My family celebrates Christmas Eve with at my Grandpa's house with one side of the family and every is a little dressy. However, on Christmas day we spend time at my aunt's house where everyone is dressed in cozy clothes perfect for lounging, opening presents, and chowing down. I love this because I get to dress up one night and then stay cozy the next day, but I also have to plan two outfits ahead of time to pack. 
A few weeks ago I finally bought a pair of maroon jeans after obsessing over them for months. They have been all over Stockholm Streetstyle and other blogs (above are a few of my favorites!) I've worn them so many times since then. I even got mine from F21 where they were only $15. Seriously though, everyone should get a pair of maroon jeans. I decided I'll be wearing these jeans on christmas but I haven't decided what to wear with them. Above are a few of my ideas of what to wear with your red jeans, whether you have a dressy or casual Christmas. 
I hope everyone has a great Christmas planned filled with family, friends, good food, and a few surprises!


p.s. The Forever 21 jeans look darker in real life. They are more maroon then red. 

Christmas Day Statement

Saturday, December 22, 2012
{pictures from my trip to New York in September}
wearing: Gap jacket (outlet), topshop peplum shirt, zara jeans, aldo flats

Hey all! This week is my last week of school before winter break and my teachers have decided to cram in more than seems possible in five days. I have tests in every subject as well as finals coming up in a few weeks. So I'm going a little crazy...
I'm not sure if I would be able to get through this week without the incredible news I found out last night. After years of working hard in school, dreaming, and hoping I have been accepted into New York University for next Fall!!!! (the extra exclamation points are necessary). I've always loved New York but a few years ago when college entered my mind I learned more about NYU and fell in love. Being in a big city in a community of students who range from business students, to Tisch (school of the arts) students is exactly what I wanted. 
I sent in my application on November 1st along with thousands of other students and have been not so patiently waiting for my response. When I read my admissions decision letter I literally jumped up and down because I couldn't contain my happiness. While I know this sounds corny, dreams really do come true, and I know that because last night many of mine did! 
I'm so excited for next fall now and I'm just trying to get myself through these last few months of high school. Hopefully once this week is over I will be able to post more often and commit more time to my passions outside of school work. 

~ Caroline

p.s. EEEEEKK!!!! I'm so excited!! 


Wednesday, December 19, 2012
clockwise from top center:  topshop dress, topshop dress, J.Crew hoodie, PROSA booties, topshop booties,
madewell bag, Urban Outfitters headband, Madewell gloves, J.Crew jeans

It is snowing in Massachusetts today! I'm not a huge fan of snow but it is still fun watching it fall from the sky when you are all cozy inside. Since venturing out of the house doesn't seem like the greatest idea right now I did some pre-christmas online shopping. However, instead of finding things for others I expanded my own christmas list. 
I have a new obsession with ankle booties and have hinted to my parents all month that I want a pair for Christmas. The black pair from Madewell are so cute, but the tan pair are so cheap (only $30)!
I've also been thinking about cold-weather necessities such as the knit headband and gloves above. Now that it really feels like winter outside I might have to give into heavy coats and gloves to keep me warm.
I hope everyone has a relaxing sunday before the Christmas mayhem begins next weekend!

~ Caroline

Weekend Finds

Sunday, December 16, 2012
{images from my Tumblr}

Seriously. This week could not have been any longer. I'm so happy it is the weekend! I'll be running around looking for Christmas presents since I haven't bought any. I have a long list of people to shop for and very few ideas. When did mothers become so hard to shop for?!
Tonight I'm heading into Boston to see the christmas tree and lights with a few of my friends. My brain is fried so I turned to tumblr for inspiration on what to wear! It is going to be freezing so layers will be a must. 

I hope you all have a great weekend! I know I'll be spending some time doing some much needed relaxing!

~ Caroline

Thank God It's Friday

Friday, December 14, 2012

Yesterday I was nominated for the Liebster Award. Many of you have probably seen it around the blogosphere recently. Only blogs with under 200 followers can be nominated with the idea of promoting new bloggers. It is a great way to learn about new blogs and bloggers and recognize how hard they have worked. I want to thank Natalia from Doux Art Sweet Design for nominating me. She is an amazing artist and you should all check out her blog. 

When nominated for the award you are supposed to answer the questions given to you by the blogger that nominated you. Here are Natalia's questions for me!

1. What's your favourite city or In which city would you like to live?
I've visited cities in many countries but there is one that I think will always have my heart. New York. This post tells a little more about my love for this amazing city. 

2. Do you know speak any other language? and if not, Which one would you like to learn?
I have taken spanish in school for years but my knowledge is minimal. It is pretty unlikely that I would be able to survive off my spanish, but I do know how to say can I go to the bathroom (puedo ir al bano?). If I were to learn another language I would love to learn German or Italian. 

3. What's your favourite meal of all the time?
 I love food and come from a family that loves cooking, so I have many favorite meals. My dads risotto is to die for and pretty much anything my grandma makes is eaten completely by me. I will eat any type of pasts. I'm addicted!

 4. What's your favorite item in all your wardrobe?
Hands down my chambray shirt. I bought it from J.Crew last year and it has been worn more than anything else. Dress it up, dress it down, it goes with anything! 

5. What are those 3 things you can't live without?
Sad to say I probably couldn't live without my iPhone and all the things that come with it (like Instagram!). I also don't know if I could live without ice cream. What can I say I work at an ice cream store, it is a job requirement. Lastly, I could live without blue jeans. Like my chambray shirt they go with anything. Jeans are classic american (in a good way) and there are so many different styles. I couldn't live without my favorite blue jeans!

6. Those 3 things you would never get into (like some fashion trends, any TV show, etc).
I always go with the motto always try something once, but in reality it is try almost everything once. My number one never ever is leggings as pants. Seriously everyone, leggings are not pants! I don't think I will ever be a fan of colored hair, at least not on myself. I've seen a few people who completely pull of pink or blue hair, but that will never be me. While I know you will all hate me for saying this, I will never be a fan of Elf. I know it is the best christmas movie of all time or something along those lines, but I don't like it. I do love Christmas spirit though, just not Elf. 

7. The worst movie you've ever watched?
I've seen a lot of bad movies, but the worst is probably Psycho Ward. It is a low budget horror movie that frankly is horrible. But it is horrible to the point of hilarious. You should definitely find it on Netflix and watch it

8. The best book you've ever read?
I've read a lot of books, and have a lot of favorites, so this is really hard. A few of my favorites are The Great Gatsby, A Company of Swans, and The Secret Garden. Also the 6th Harry Potter book is my favorite. I mean who doesn't like Harry Potter?!

9. How did you came up with your Blog's title?
Peachy Keen means that everything is all right, but if you have heard someone use the phrase 'peachy keen' you know that half the time they are being sarcastic. I've always thought this was funny so when I was thinking of phrases I loved and sort of described me peachy keen is what came to find. I'm sarcastic pretty often (which you will quickly realize if you read my blog), but usually everything is great and I like writing and photographing the things I love. 

10. How do you see yourself in 5 years?
Well in five years I will have just graduated from college (hopefully, I'm still crossing my fingers on those apps), so I honestly have no idea where I will be. I definitely need college to figure out what exactly I want to do for the rest of my life. I'm hoping in five years I will have a job that I love, whatever that may be, and still be involved in fashion and style in some way!

11. What will be your dream Job?
There are a lot of things I hope to do in my life so I don't really have one dream job. I would love to be a photographer like Scott Schuman, from The Sartorialist, or work at a magazine, or travel, or own my own business. Basically my dream job is something where I get to do everything I love; fashion, photography, traveling, and collaborating with others. I haven't found a job that does all those things yet though, so wish me luck!

Here are my nominees for the Liebster Award (used bloglovin' follow count):

And 11 my questions are: 
1) How did you name your blog?
2) What is a trend you don't want to go away?
3) Where is your favorite place you have been?
4) What is a piece you think looks good on everyone?
5) What should every girl have?
6) Who are three people you admire?
7) Describe your personal style.
8) What are two things you cannot live without?
9) Where do you hope to be in five years?
10) What is your favorite holiday tradition?
11) Do you have a New Years Resolution? If yes, what is it?

Discovering New Bloggers Through The Liebster Award

Wednesday, December 12, 2012
Anxiously waiting.... (love the book everyone should buy it!)
Scott was funny and inspiring. He also talked a lot about the pictures recently on the blog.

A dream come true! 

This past Monday I went to Wellesley College to hear a lecture by Scott Schuman and for a book signing afterwards. As a said in this post I've always loved The Sartorialist, Scott Schuman's blog. It is filled with incredible pictures of many different types of people. Hearing Schuman talk about what inspires his photography and his love of fashion was inspiring. 
I unfortunately was the idiot who left her camera in the car. I walked across the Wellesley campus only to realize that my camera which I thought was in my bag was not there. This means I only have a few iPhone pictures from that night, but hey they capture the memories, and thats what matters! 

~ Caroline

A Night To Remember

jacket Forever 21, button-up forever 21, jeans J Brand, flats Aldo, watch Nordstrom, bag unkown

I know many bloggers and fashionistas call leopard a neutral, but I just don't get it. I love leopard print and I want to collect everything in it, but I wouldn't call it a neutral. Leopard print is simple and classic, so it goes with a lot, but not everything.
 Calling leopard print a neutral gives people the wrong idea. Unlike a white t-shirt or jeans you can't throw on you leopard print flats or scarf with just anything. There is an art to mixing prints and colors. I have by no means come even close to mastering the art of mixing prints, textures, and colors, but I have found a few great ways to wear my leopard print flats. 
The outfits above makes the flats seem like a small piece of my outfit, almost unnoticeable. But that is far from the truth. They are my favorite part of the outfit and pull the whole thing together. I tried mixing the leopard print and stripes and I have to say, I like it. By throwing my favorite jacket over top the stripes button-up the two prints aren't screaming out you. 
I hope to be a pro at mixing patterns one day and if I'm lucky I might one day be just as good as Blaire from Atlantic-Pacific
 Hope everyone is having a good start to the week!

~ Caroline

Leopard As A Neutral?

Monday, December 10, 2012
 {Image one, two, three, four}

I hope everyone had a great weekend! I am actually looking forward to Monday this week because it means the day of The Sartorialist Scott Schuman's book signing. 
I have loved The Sartorialist for years and I will finally hear Scott Schuman speak tomorrow. Schuman pretty much defined street style in my mind and I will always be a fan of his blog. Above are some of my favorite all time and recent favorites from his blog The Sartorialist.
Scott Schuman will be speaking tomorrow night at 7 at Wellesley College. I will be there! Please let me know if you plan to attend!

~ Caroline

The Sartorialist Boston Book Signing

Sunday, December 9, 2012
Clockwise from top right:

Clockwise from top right:

Recently I've started thinking a lot about first impressions and what they really mean. The last few months have been filled with first impressions and in the next year I will be meeting many new people. 
While applying to college is a daunting task for many reasons one of the

scariest things is meetings with college admissions officers for interviews and other admission information. The stress of what to say is already enough and to top it off I never really know what to wear. Should I wear something casual or dressy? How nice should I look? There are always so many questions on my mind!

I will also be graduating high school this spring and (hopefully) be starting college next fall. With this change I'll be meeting a lot of new people and making new friends in a completely 
new place. I haven't gotten to this point yet, but I already know how
 uncomfortable and scary it will be for a while. 

All this being said first impressions are pretty important, and what you wear can be the biggest factor in making an impression. They can make or break a college interview and the more confident you feel in a room of strangers the more your likely you are to make friends. This article about what people wore to interviews with Anna Wintour and this EveryGirl article gave me some great inspiration for what to wear when meeting new people no matter the situation. 

~ Caroline

First Impressions

While I was wrapping gifts I was able to take a little break and stroll through Nordstrom. My stroll quickly became a full on shopping experience. As soon as I walked in I saw more than 10 things I wanted to buy. Unfortunately I was supposed to looking for christmas presents (for others not myself!)

 But I did end up getting myself one thing! This watch is gorgeous and was only $18! Can you believe it? I know I can't. Nordstrom had watches galore and all at great prices! I love this watch and this watch too,  I would definitely recommend checking out Nordstrom before christmas to add a few things to your list and maybe buy some presents for others. 

~ Caroline 

Favorite Find

Saturday, December 8, 2012
{Image from my tumblr}

This week was a pretty long week (even with a day off from school) but it has made this weekend look even better! 
Today I will be wrapping presents at my local mall to support JDRF and children with type 1 diabetes. It is a great foundation and I'm so happy to be able to help. If you see one of the JDRF wrapping stations at your mall please stop by and get a few of your presents wrapped! 
I'm happy to say my college applications are done for the time being so the rest of my weekend will be spent relaxing, seeing some friends, and maybe doing some homework (I'm starting to feel the senioritis coming on). I hope you all have a great weekend planned!

~ Caroline

p.s. I'm in love with the outfit above! From the scarf to the shoes it is gorgeous.

Happy Weekend!

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