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J.Crew T-shirt
Free People iPhone case
Day Runner planner
Anthropologie Notebook
Topshop Belt
J.Crew Skirt
Madewell Flats
PU clutch (similar)
Halogen Sunglasses

Every year going back to school is both heart breaking and exciting. Even though August is almost over it feels like I finished my last final yesterday. I'm not ready for early mornings and late nights spent in the library instead of with friends. However, with so many of my friends leaving for college and summer math and chemistry problems looming over my head it feels like school is already beginning. 

I do love going back to school though because I've always felt it is a time to reinvent yourself. My favorite way of doing this is with new clothes (no surprise), but so often I fall short of dressing the way I want to. 

This outfit is perfect for a cool September day at school. Granted a clutch can't hold all my binders and notebooks, but a girl can dream. I can always find uses for fun creative notebooks to keep me thinking and a day planner is necessary for my busy schedule. I've never been able to get used to using my phone as a calendar so paper and pen is the way to go. 

Good luck to everyone else going back to school!
~ Caroline 

Back To School

Clockwise from top: J.Crew T-shirt Free People iPhone case Day Runner planner Anthropologie Notebook Topshop Belt J.Crew S...
Monday, August 20, 2012

So I have a little bit of an addiction to shoes. I make myself feel better by saying most girls do, but the truth is I'm much worse than most people I know. I love wearing heels but flats are more suited for high school hallways and casual weekends, which make up most of my life. 

With every new season there are new shoes but I always love a classic flat (especially with a pointed toe!). Flats are the perfect transition shoe for late summer and early fall. Flats can be worn with pretty sundresses and flowy skirts when the temps are in the mid 90s or with jeans and sweaters when the weather cools down. 

Hopefully you all get a little addicted to shoes after looking at these (it will make my excuse even better)!

~ Caroline 

1: J.Crew
2: Madewell
3: Shoe Dazzle
4: Steve Madden
5: J.Crew
6: ShoeMint
7: ShoeMint
8: J.Crew
9: J.Crew


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Every fall trends change and designers come out with new collections that bring a fresh look to the season. Investing in classics while also embracing new trends will create a flawless fall wardrobe every year. 
My favorite trends right now are peplum everything and chevron. Has anyone else noticed how everything is suddenly being made in a chevron pattern? I love this pattern because it is a fun twist on stripes (which dominate most of wardrobe) and much more slimming. 
Some classics I love are animal print shoes and accessories, such as these Madewell flats (I want to collect them in every color!). Also leather riding boots and cardigans scream fall. I love this sweater from Brooks Brothers, but for those of us who can't always afford expensive clothes there is a sweater that is almost identical from Forever 21. 
This summer I snagged a military jacket from a GAP outlet and it instantly became one of the most worn items in my wardrobe. Pairing the jacket with other neutral shades and patterns is perfect for casual but chic outfits. It is also the perfect jacket for those awkward days when crisp fall mornings turn into summer-like afternoons. (Honestly everyone should buy one of these jackets!)

~ Caroline 
1. Brooks Brothers Sweater (similar)
2. Topshop Top (similar)
3. Michael Kors Watch 
4. Madewell Flats (somewhat similar)
5. Gallery Leather Planner
6. Essie Beige Nail Polishes
7. GAP Military Jacket (similar)
8. J.Crew Bracelet (I think I may be in LOVE with this bracelet) 
9. Steve Madden Sonnya Boots
10. Madewell Leopard Belt (similar)
11. J.Crew Top
12. Zara Shopper Basket  

Fall Essentials

Tuesday, August 14, 2012
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~ Caroline 


As summer ends each August I usually look back at the past months and realize I haven't accomplished nearly anything I set out to at the beginning of the summer. This summer is no different. Some of my main goals for the summer were to reread The Great Gatsby, get extremely organized, catch fireflies (something I haven't done since I was little!), and finish college applications.
 I have yet to reread The Great Gatsby, but since it is not too late I will be starting it tonight (I still have three weeks!) I also found it is much harder to find fireflies than you would think, and college applications are the bane of any high school senior's existence. Needless to say, I will not be finishing them before school starts. 
The one goal I did focus on this summer was getting organized. However, I haven't done everything I hope to have done before school starts. I'm starting to realize that this upcoming school year is going to be exhausting (but also fun) and I'm not going to be able to focus on keeping things organized. This means I need a system that requires no effort or thought. Since I can't stand when my clothes are piled up everywhere and papers are falling out of my binders I have been trying to brainstorm easy ways to stop the clutter that tends to build up in my room. Below are some pictures that have helped with my brainstorming!

Visible calendars make sure I never forget a work shift or assignment! 

Amazing organization for magazines and school books. As well as a cute side table!

More of a dream than a possibility, but hanging everything makes finding things easy. 

Jewelry organization that could display my favorite pieces. Also no worry of tangling necklaces! 
All pictures are from my Pinterest


As Summer Fades

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