15 Lessons from 5 Years in NYC

It’s crazy to think that my five year anniversary in NYC was a few weeks ago! Sometimes I feel like it was just last year I was a little 17 year old moving into my freshman dorm and yet somehow this month I hit my two year anniversary at rewardStyle and turned 23. Seriously, CRAZY!

In honor of the big NYC anniversary I’ve put together a list of the 15 things I’ve learned over the last five years! I think five years is when they say you become an official ‘New Yorker’, but I have to say I still find a new thing to love (and sometimes hate) about this city everyday.

15 Things NYC Has Taught Me

  1. You’ll walk faster than google maps says but the subway will always take longer than google maps says
  2. …Speaking of which don’t let a long subway ride scare you away from exploring somewhere new
  3. Always go to Trader Joe’s with a friend, for emotional and physical (aka waiting in line) support
  4. Keep your favorite places on rotation because before you know it they’ll be closed and something will open in their place (RIP Hundred Acred and Hamilton’s)
  5. Walk the whole city (or almost all of it) at least once, your feet will be tired but it’s worth it
  6. Don’t let rent make you poor. An extra dinner a month with friends is worth more than a big bedroom or the perfect address
  7. New York bagels are just as good as they’re made out to be, and no other bagel will ever be the same
  8. We should all move to Brooklyn (hint hint to my friends)
  9. This city may have a bazillion people but guaranteed you’ll never go anywhere without seeing someone you know
  10. NYC will definitely test you, but you’re tougher than you think you are
  11. Schedule weekends away to maintain your sanity, because as much as I love this city sometimes I need to leave it
  12. If you can’t schedule a weekend away, wake up before 10AM on a Sunday because it’s the only time the city is empty
  13. Starbucks is not good coffee – please try La Colombe or Stumptown if you haven’t yet!
  14. An all black outfit is the cure to any wardrobe dilemma
  15. It’s ok to miss home or even start to hate the city a little bit, but when that happens take a breather and go to your favorite spot (mine’s Washington Square Park) to remember why you love this place

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