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The best part of living in New England is that you can get pretty much anywhere in less than a three hour car ride. Whenever I get to spend an extended time at home with my family I like to plan at least a couple different day trips, and since I had a friend visiting last week it was even more fun to take her on a drive to my favorite places in Maine. Since I often do short trips up to Maine I wanted to share a few of my favorite towns and places with you all! The best part, each of these spots is less than two hours from Boston, even with a bit of traffic.


We woke up early and left the house around 8:30 to head up to Nubble Lighthouse, my favorite New England lighthouse (tied with the one in this post). Unfortunately, on this trip I learned that the light on the lighthouse is definitely way better in the evening, so I wasn't able to get good pictures.


After exploring the rocky coast along the lighthouse we got back in the car and headed up to Kennebunkport. I visited Kennebunkport for this first time this past winter and fell in love with the cute town. After our early start I was seriously craving caffeine, so we popped into Dock Square Coffee House, an adorable spot with gorgeous views of the waterway.


Ogunquit has been a favorite spot of my family for years and at least once a summer we drive up for a walk along the marginal way and lunch at Barnacle Billy's. If you don't love sitting on a beach all day, but want to experience the beauty of the Maine coast the Marginal Way is perfect for you. The path has dozens of gorgeous photo spots and ideal rocks for picnics. If you want to save a little money pack a picnic lunch ahead of time or grab a sandwich from The Village Food Market. Instead of trying to explain the beauty of the walk I'll let the photos speak for themselves.


Travel: Maine Day Trip

The best part of living in New England is that you can get pretty much anywhere in less than a...
Friday, August 26, 2016

Move in day is just around the corner for college freshmen, and this year is extra special for me because I'm going into my final year at NYU and my younger sister will be one of those brand new freshmen in less than a week!

As we've searched for the perfect duvet cover or picked out meal plans, I've had plenty of advice for my sis, but most of it has been pretty trivial. While gems like 'don't buy a white duvet cover' (you'll just spill on it) or 'force yourself to eat breakfast' (you'll be so much healthier) are important, I've slowly realized there a few bigger pieces of advice I want her to start school with. 

College is an incredibly exciting time of your life, and I'm already getting a bit emotional about my time coming to an end. However, it's also a time that you're sure to make plenty of mistakes. Every college student will experience a horrible exam grade or a rough reaction to a night of too much drinking, and while no one can stop you from making those mistakes it doesn't hurt to go in with some tips for how to navigate an entirely new world. 

1. Make your dorm room feel like home right when you move in

It’s easy for college to feel like summer camp, especially freshman year when you’re living in a small space with a lot of people - but you should make your dorm room feel like home as much as possible. Print out pictures and pick out decorations that you love and then put them up in your room as soon as you move in, so that your space feels like home instead of just temporary sleeping quarters. Before you know it, classes will start and you’ll have no time to slowly decorate the space like you might have planned.

2. Spend time getting to know yourself, don’t get into a relationship immediately 

One of the most important parts of college, arguably more important than the actual classes and degree, is getting to know yourself. If you’re like most, college is the first time you’re away from your family and the friends you’ve had since you were little. Instead of just going with the flow, take this time to get to know yourself. You aren’t who your parents think you are or the 13 year old your friends might still see, so do the things that make you happy and if you don’t know what that is, try out as many things as you need to find what you love.

3. Don’t stop making new friends

You’ll make a million different friends during your orientation week or first couple weeks of classes, but just because you have friends from the first few weeks of school, doesn’t mean you can’t keep making more. Too many people make 'enough' friends and then stop meeting new people and just stick with their clique. I've made some of my best friends in the last year and that never would have happened if I didn't make an effort to keep meeting new people.

4. Save your money by setting a budget

I went into college with a lot of money saved up from high school jobs, but had zero idea how to set a budget or follow one and ending spend way more money than I should have that year. At different schools you’ll spend money on different things, but whether it's eating out, alcohol, clothes, or weekend trips it’s important to start figuring out what you’re spending your money on and then create a budget. There will be big ticket items you’ll want to spend on, such as spring breaks and study abroad, so setting a budget and saving for those important experiences will make you feel way more secure when they actually come around. 

5. College is school, and expensive school at that, so make sure you study and go to class

Moral of the story: someone is spending a lot of money for you to go to college, so don’t ditch class even if you think you you can learn everything for the exam out of your textbook. Some of the most important things I’ve learned in my college classes have been stories of my professors' experiences, and that’s something you definitely can’t learn out of a textbook. It’s easy get FOMO if you’re not going out every night and studying instead, but you’ll thank yourself when midterms come around and you don’t have to read half a semester’s worth of textbook chapters in one night.

6. Let loose (but not too loose)

So this piece of advice is combination of my advice and a friend’s. His advice was purely to let loose, but I think the ‘not too loose’ part is key here. Like I said above, college is school and you have to spend a decent amount of time studying and getting involved, but the rest of the time you should go out and have fun. Spend weekends going out with friends and exploring everything around campus, but also make sure to be safe and smart. While you should never be afraid to go out and have fun, you should also watch out for friends and never do anything that feels wrong. 

7. Make alone time for yourself

Roommates, classmates, busy dining halls, packed library - it’s pretty much impossible to avoid people when you’re in college, but getting alone time is probably my most important piece of advice. Being around your friends all the time is one of the greatest parts of college, but if you don’t find a few hours a week just for yourself you’ll end up going crazy. Try spending a night in with your favorite show on Netflix, doing a long workout by yourself, or finding a secluded spot to read a book. 

8. Don’t try to grow up too fast

In my experience, college gets better and better every year so you have a lot to look forward to, but try to slow down and let yourself just experience your freshman year. College truly flies by and there’s plenty of time your junior and senior year for worrying about internships and your career. For now just worry about having fun and getting to know your school, because soon you’ll be starting senior year and it will seem like it’s all ending way to fast (aka how I feel everyday). 

8 Tips for College Freshmen

Monday, August 22, 2016
It's crazy to believe that summer is slowly coming to an end. I'm already getting emails about fall classes and back to school events, even though my mind is entirely in summer mode. As with most times I disappear from the blogging world, life has been a bit crazy. However, this time it isn't finals taking over my life, but a few fun summer adventures. These last few weeks have been pretty amazing, and this past weekend was definitely the best of the best.

After taking a 7 hour ferry from the city I arrived in Nantucket Friday night greeted by one of my best friends, Chloe. I only had about 40 hours on the island, but it was just enough to feel like the city wasn't going to kill me. I'll have at least one more post from my time there, but I had to share these lighthouse pictures first!

The Sankaty Lighthouse has definitely topped my list of best New England lighthouses with it's striped and island cliff location. Despite waking up early and forgoing coffee, I couldn't have been happier exploring the area around this lighthouse with Chloe and our faithful friend Moses.
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Weekend on ACK Part 1

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Hi Hello blogging world. I've been pretty absent as of late, but that's because I have an amazing project launching at work this week - stay tuned on twitter to see more. Things are going to start to slow down a bit though, so expect to see a lot more of me across these parts. 

In the outside world (aka NYC) we've reached those dog days of summer that I dread every year. It feels like the heat is never going to end and every weekend most of the city flees for beaches and fresh air, leaving the rest of us to our AC window units and park picnics. With the ridiculous heat I've been living in this new dress I picked up from Loft a couple weeks back. It's ridiculously soft and paired with a classic chambray and Supergas it's the perfect bagels to errands to dinner look. So my advice if you're going to go out and buy anything this week - make it a easy breezy dress to beat this summer heat. Even better, I've linked to a bunch of options (on sale!) below.

Dog Days in NYC

Monday, July 25, 2016

If someone were to ask me what my favorite time of year is, I'd have to say the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale... 

Ok, well it definitely isn't my favorite part of the year, but it's definitely up there with Fourth of July and Thanksgiving. The shopaholic in me loves nothing more than getting amazing deals on items that are in-season and brand freakin' new. Plus, as mid July rolls around all I can think about is fall so the jackets, jeans, and booties this sale has to offer are right up my alley. 

I'm sure you've all seen a million roundups of the #NSale by now, but since the sale doesn't open to everyone until Friday I wanted to wait to share some pieces that hopefully won't be sold out by the time we can all get our hands on them. The Nordstrom sale is by far the best place to stock up on basics or finally splurge on a designer item you've been wanting. 

As a broke college student I'm all about the affordable investment pieces, so I've focused this post on all the best items under $80! You can find great pieces in the sale, like these booties or this moto jacket, that won't break the bank and I guarantee you'll wear for years to come. And for those of you who don't live near a Nordstrom they have ah-mazing online return policies, so go forth and order to your heart's content (just keep telling yourself you'll return some things ;))

Shop Nordstrom Sale Under $80

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

One of the highlights of my weekend on Long Island was Lavender By the Bay in Marion. The lavender season is incredibly short, so I lucked out that the weekend I was visiting my friend was the weekend of the bloom. Visiting the fields was just absolutely magical and I couldn't believe that this spot existed just a couple hour drive from the city. The drive out to the lavender fields was just vineyard after farm after another vineyard, exactly what a New Yorker needs on a weekend trip. Next time I need another break from constant car horns and exhaust, you know this is exactly where I'll be heading.

Just before heading out of the city I found this perfect top on sale at Zara, but unfortunately I can't find it anywhere online. Luckily, I've been able to find a few other similar options that will give you the same feminine boho feel!

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Lavender by the Bay

Monday, July 11, 2016

Does anyone else feel like they are still recovering from the holiday weekend? I felt like a zombie yesterday and so far today isn't any better, so the fact that I have a post up today is basically a miracle. My weekend hangover is well worth the amazing fun I had over the 4th though, and I have a few really gorgeous posts coming up from my short trip out to Long Island. 

While I love boats (they are the only moving vehicle I don't get motion sick on), I'd never actually been on a sailboat before, so when my friend and her boyfriend took us out on his family's sailboat this weekend I was shaking with excitement. Of course, I had to put on a red white and blue inspired nautical outfit and snap about a million pictures!

Getting shown around by my friends was the best! Annie was incredibly embarrassed we had matching stripes, but I loved it :)
It may look like I'm right at home driving the boat, but let me tell you - I was so freaked out I was going to run into an imaginary iceberg. 

Sailboats & Stripes

Wednesday, July 6, 2016
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